One of the big question that is your mind after you have booked your photoshoot is what to wear.
It can make a difference to your final product so I have put together this guide to help get the most beautiful photos possible.
I always available for feedback or any other assistance to help make the choice of what to wear.


The most important factor

One of the most important factors to consider when choosing the outfits for anyone involved in the photoshoot is comfort. I want to capture the true relaxed authentic you! 
Wearing something that you feel good in will show in your images and we will capture natural, happy images that you will be proud to show off.



Co-ordinate but don't match! 
Avoid all black or all white and white t-shirts and blue jeans, be a little creative.
Pick a group of colours and style and go from there, it may be easier if you have one outfit to build on.
Colours the work well are deep mustards, maroons, navy blues or pastel pinks, greens, pale demin and light brown.



Hats, scarfs, necklaces, beanies, cute belts, headbands all add an extra dimension and texture to the image.
Accessories can be added to a plain colour to add a little interest.
Knitted cardigans and vests looks great in winter shoots


Location, location, location

Always keep in mind your location when choosing outfits.
Six inch heels may not work for a beach shoot, or dressing in green for a shoot in the bush to black for night session might blend you into the background.
You want to stand out from your background, we want you and your family to be the focus of the image.


Think about your decor

Think about your house and the colours that you use in you're decorating.
Do you like, brighter or darker, warm or cool?
You want to hang your beautiful images in your home, you want it to work in together and compliment your style.
Have this in mind when picking outfits.


Things to avoid 

There is a few things to avoid to make the most of your photoshoot.
Bright, bold neon colours do not photograph well, they take away from the subject and cast strong colour cast onto people.
Logos and characters on clothing, your daughter may love shopkins (I know mine do!) But a shopkins shirt will not look good in images and will date your images quickly.
As I mentioned above, white shorts and blue jeans, we want all of your personalities to shine not look all the same.

I hope this has helped a little to make choosing your outfits or shopping for them a little easier.
If you wish to book a session please contact me